Friday, July 10, 2009

Heaven Must've Programmed You

u day..when i think about u..

oh heart juz can't deny that i love u..

u day when i'm deeply in love with u..

i know..u r my true love..

The moment u walked inside my door..

I knew that I need not look no more..

The moment you fell inside my dreams..

I realized all I had not seen..

I've seen many other souls be4..

but Heaven must've programmed u..

The moment u said "I will"..

I knew that this love was real..

N that my faith was seen..

but Heaven must've programmed u..

N if a storm should come n if u face away..

That may b the chance 4 u 2 b safe..

N if u make it through the trouble n the pain..

That may b the time for u 2 know his name..

Follow true love..LOVE ALLAH...

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